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Food intolerances and elimination diet [Jan. 13th, 2013|10:17 pm]
Against the grain


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Hi all,

I was just wondering if anyone has any experiences with food intolerances and elimination diets.

I have been experiencing digestive troubles as well as eczema on my arms over the past few months. Every test at my GP has turned out fine so they sent me off to a naturopath to have food intolerance testing. The naturopath took a blood sample and results were that I am severely intolerant to eggs, moderately intolerant to wheat/gluten/cow's milk/cashews/peanuts and mildly intolerant to legumes/almonds/soy. I'm not sure how reliable science behind the test is (I think it was this one http://www.food-detective.com.au/)
but I've cut out all of the above foods for now. The naturopath recommended I stay off them for 6-8 weeks and then start re-introducing one food group at a time to see if there is a reaction.

It's been a week now without any of those foods and I was just wondering for others who have eliminated particular foods, how long was it before you stared to feel better? Should it be immediate? Or does it take some time? Any other tips you have to navigating this process would be great because it's all a bit overwhelming!


[User Picture]From: lyterae
2013-01-14 10:15 pm (UTC)
It took almost 4 weeks the last elimination diet my daughter was on to eliminate the majority of her symptoms, it was another 2 months after that before we reached "baseline".

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[User Picture]From: wake_tonight
2013-01-17 07:58 am (UTC)
Ta! I am almost at 2 weeks now and starting to see some small improvements. Hopefully it will continue to improve with time (and patience!)
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[User Picture]From: missingkeys
2013-01-14 10:20 pm (UTC)
I can't honestly remember how long it initially took for us, but my daughter has a range of food intolerances and if she's inadvertently exposed to something she's intolerant to it can take between 12 hours and two weeks for her to be back to normal.

It's definitely overwhelming, so my best wishes to you while you're going through this. If this helps at all: it really does get both better and easier with time. I remember feeling really lost, trying to cut everything out of her diet and basically start again from scratch, but it became second nature sooner than I would have imagined.
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[User Picture]From: wake_tonight
2013-01-17 07:59 am (UTC)
Thank you :)
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[User Picture]From: isabelladangelo
2013-01-15 05:05 am (UTC)
It depends on the food and how diligent you are in eliminating the foods you might be allergic too. For my dairy one, it was one week before I started to feel better. Remember to read every single label. I nearly freaked the other day when I learned that someone served country crock at a dinner party for a lady with a dairy allergy and a couple of vegans. It has whey in it.
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[User Picture]From: wake_tonight
2013-01-17 08:01 am (UTC)
Ta :) It's been nearly 2 weeks now and I'm starting to feel a little bit better. It definitely is a change in lifestyle!!! And I had an 'oh no' moment as I was waiting for my pasta to boil, absent-mindedly reading the can of tomatoes I was going to put on top (and figured would be safe because hey, it's tomatoes!) turned out to have gluten in them! Crazy!
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[User Picture]From: isabelladangelo
2013-01-17 10:33 am (UTC)
When it comes to food, "Trust no food". Companies LOVE to cut costs by adding a lot of filler to their products. For instance, many companies here in the US like to add corn syrup to their honey because corn is cheaper and it makes honey even sweeter. Personally, I like 100% honey and want only 100% honey for baking since I'm allergic to corn so i have to read every single label every single time when I buy anything. Gluten is another known filler for a lot of commercial product. With eggs, wheat, milk, and nuts - you'll need to start making a lot of stuff at home. I know companies like to call different items different things so be on the look out. According to eggless(http://www.egglesscooking.com/forums/is-this-egg-free/other-names-for-eggs/), eggs can be called:
Egg substitutes, e.g., Egg Beaters®
Ovolactohydrolyze proteins
Ovomucin, ovomucoid
Simplesse® (used as a fat substitute and made with egg or milk)

Also check food labels for:

Egg White
Egg Powder
Egg Solids
Punch Egg
Lecithin other than that of soy
E-161b (lutein, yellow pigment)
The clear and egg shells can be used as clarifier substances in soups, consumers, broths, sopitas and cafes, including some wines. Should be cautious if they consume these products.

That's just for eggs - milk is just as bad and I know they've been trying funny things with gluten given the horrible tragedy with the animal deaths due to gluten a few years ago here in North America. So even if you wouldn't make an item that way, double check and make sure it doesn't have anything you can have in it.
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[User Picture]From: floopyboo
2013-01-17 10:13 am (UTC)
First rule of food intolerances: Never assume anything is safe, even if it was yesterday. Always read the labels, you never know what might happen.
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[User Picture]From: kyteroo
2013-01-27 06:52 pm (UTC)
Time until feel better: It depends on how severely damaged your gut is. For me, it should take a good 2 months and possibly longer. However, I am reacting to many of the cross reactors to gluten.

If I were you, I'd look at the list below (Cyrex Lab's cross-reactor list for gluten), and take all of those foods out of your diet. Basically, its Cereal and Dairy free, plus some other foods are banned. Once your gut heals, you may be able to add more foods back into your diet. See below the list for the Elimination Diet and Rotation Diet information.

Cyrex Labs has new testing that is considered the most accurate for allergies....especially where gluten and cross-reactors for gluten is concerned. http://www.cyrexlabs.com/

Cross-reactors to Gluten include Dairy, Soy, Coffee Bean, "Gluten Free Flours", Rice, Corn.
Here is Cyrex Lab's List:
Rye, Barley, Spelt, Polish Wheat IgG + IgA Combined
Cow’s Milk IgG + IgA Combined
Alpha-Casein & Beta-Casein IgG + IgA Combined
Casomorphin IgG + IgA Combined
Milk Butyrophilin IgG + IgA Combined
Whey Protein IgG + IgA Combined
Chocolate (Milk) IgG + IgA Combined
Oats IgG + IgA Combined
Yeast IgG + IgA Combined
Coffee IgG + IgA Combined
Sesame IgG + IgA Combined
Buckwheat IgG + IgA Combined
Sorghum IgG + IgA Combined
Millet IgG + IgA Combined
Hemp IgG + IgA Combined
Amaranth IgG + IgA Combined
Quinoa IgG + IgA Combined
Tapioca IgG + IgA Combined
Teff IgG + IgA Combined
Soy IgG + IgA Combined
Egg IgG + IgA Combined
Corn IgG + IgA Combined
Rice IgG + IgA Combined
Potato IgG + IgA Combined

Elimination and Rotation Diet Information:
The way that works best, is to eat 3 foods that you know you are not reacting too. Do not add any new food until the reactions stop, and do do this under the supervision of a doctor and nutritionist familiar with elimination diets. Every 3 days or so, add in one other food. Skip all spices. When you see a new reaction, then take the last item you added, back out of your diet. When you have enough food in your diet, rotate your diet so that you do not repeat the same food more then 2 days in a row. Then, when you can, do not repeat any food until 3 or more days have passed.

I am doing this currently, but have to have gallbladder surgery first. I'll bookmark this and let you know how it goes. It should take me a good 2 months before my gut starts healing well enough. Lastly, Oral Allergy Syndrome is something to consider, if you notice more acne only certain times of the year. You'll have to talk with your professional about this, as I am still learning about it.
Best Wishes!

.ps in your case, I actually do not recommend a Vegan diet. You need the Avian and Beef just for variety.

Edited at 2013-01-27 07:00 pm (UTC)
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