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Soy allergy resources? - Against the grain [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Soy allergy resources? [May. 8th, 2013|11:30 pm]
Against the grain


Hi all, I'm looking for good forums/groups/blogs/resources for a very sensitive soy allergy. We're talking can't cope with "shared facilities" warnings and seemingly reacting to things that are contaminated but not labeled as such, meaning the traces are below the legal limit for labeling requirements.

As an example of the kind of thing I'm hoping for, for corn allergy there are several forums and groups where a ton of good information can be gotten:

Delphi Avoiding Corn Forums: http://forums.delphiforums.com/avoidingcorn
^^ frequented by very sensititive corn allergics who have been doing the corn free thing for a long time.

^^ 900 people and counting, so lots of noise, but also a lot of responses to questions

And then here a number of blogs by those who are crazy sensitive to corn with all kinds of good info on the "basics" of surviving corn free.

It's my friend who's allergic. I am somewhat soy sensitive but it doesn't seem to be that bad compared to corn for me. The Facebook Soy Allergy board doesn't seem to have a lot of people on it. I'm hoping there is somewhere on the net, somewhere, where soy allergics are all talking to each other, but Google isn't bringing it up. Anyone have any leads?


[User Picture]From: becala
2013-05-10 04:53 pm (UTC)
Question for you: What items cause airborne soy reactions for you? Corn is a far worse allergy for me than soy, and popcorn and corn chips are the worst. Corn chips are fine until someone starts eating them which gets dust everywhere, but popcorn will mess up a room for me for HOURS afterwards. But on full-bucket days I have also found that being in the bread section of a grocery store and handling a closed bag of bread that has corn flour or corn starch as an ingredient will sometimes give me a little asthma and lip burning.

And did you *do* anything to help yourself become less sensitive, or did healing just sort of happen through avoidance?
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[User Picture]From: gallian
2013-05-11 01:19 am (UTC)
I've had airborne reactions to soy flour being baked and to soy-based insulation being sprayed. (The insulation was basically three straight months of hives, fun times.) I seem to (so far) be okay with people heating up tofu or edemame products in the microwave when I'm in the room.

I'm another IBS and allergies person. I spent about 15 years with my system being very overreactive (calming for brief periods but then acting up again) - I reacted to all sorts of things and I couldn't gain weight no matter how hard I tried. Patience and careful avoidance of everything my system was rejecting let my system heal and reset. I tried various dietary interventions and nutritional supplements, but other than the probiotic (which I still take religiously) I don't think any of them made any difference. Within the last year, I've been able to finally successfully gain (and keep on) weight and to add in many foods that I couldn't tolerate before. I still have multiple food allergies, and I still have IBS, but my system is a lot more tolerant than it used to be.
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[User Picture]From: becala
2013-05-11 04:55 am (UTC)
Ugh, insulation??! There's corn in lots of construction materials, gypsum (drywall) being the worst offender for that. There's probably corn in some kinds of insulation as well.I haven't looked into it yet but I'll need to eventually.

See, that's the kind of thing I was hoping to find a compendium of for my friend! She's sooooo sensitive right now, I think because her thryoid is out of whack. She's also allergic to corn, and her thyroid meds were corny. She was reacting to them way too much to continue, but her endo wouldn't give her a compounding script! I think she's got an appointment with a GP who will help her out to tide her over this week- he's treating a couple other special corn allergy cases in the area so he knows the drill.

I think gut healing is important for me to do as well however I'm a but flummoxed on how to do it. My body is just rejecting most things I've put into it, including probiotics. sigh.

Anyway thanks so much for sharing your story!!
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[User Picture]From: gallian
2013-05-12 04:52 pm (UTC)
i seriously thought the gut healing would never happen for me. every time i thought it did my system would go back to overreacting to everything. 15 years. and i still have flair-ups (and a laundry list of allergies/sensitivities, though it's shorter than it used to be.)

the only thing i can say is be patient and keep trying. your body will figure it out.
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[User Picture]From: gallian
2013-05-12 04:58 pm (UTC)
yeah, they were building a new addition where I worked and I had hives for 3 straight months. No clue why until I went on a tour of the new addition and they started waxing poetical about how they were using environmentally friendly spray insulation made from soybeans.

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[User Picture]From: becala
2013-05-13 12:09 am (UTC)
Yeah I sort of wince every time someone says "green," "earth-friendly", or "biodegradable." For me it means corn, but sounds like it also means soy! Arrrgh, awful! Sometimes I just want to dig out a bunker and never ever leave. Or lock myself in a glass bubble and learn to photosynthesize...
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